Tuesday, October 13, 2015

SkittleGate and the IonCleanse....

Last week on Thursday, Dominic came out of vision therapy happily munching on a handful of skittles.

Blink Blink.

Rod immediately took them away and asked the therapist what she was thinking.  They were rewards.  Rod advised her that Dominic's allergic to artificial anything and she brushed it off with a half hearted apology.

I called the office and threw a fit.
I followed it with a terse email.
It won't be happening again.

Who in this day and age gives food based rewards - particularly ones full of known neurotoxins - to a child without first asking if they have food allergies????

So we gave Dominic a 60 minute footbath immediately - if you blow this picture up you an actually see Red, yellow, and green from the artificial colors coming out.  If there was any doubt in my mind that  the IonCleanse by AMD pulled toxins out its gone.  I didn't have to taste the rainbow, I saw it!  After the footbath, we administered activated charcoal.  

Even with both first aid interventions in my tool box on board, he was more wound up that we've seen in YEARS.  Windmilling his arms, screaming, jumping on and off furniture.. took several hours for him to go to sleep.  At least he's a HAPPY child when he's poisoned (and many aren't) but it was ridiculous.

We are now 5 days post skittle exposure and we're still getting notes from school that he's extra silly.

I'll take extra silly over aggressive, but you better believe that therapist will never be giving a child a food based reinforcer again.

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