Sunday, November 22, 2015

Methyl B day 3ish update

We have had a bunch of awesome
Moments the last couple of days - writing them to document because they are totally related to the methyl b's.

- we finished return of the Jedi yesterday afternoon, and at the celebratory Ewok dance party at the end of the movie Dominic stood up and danced right along with them.  It was adorable 

- he randomly decided to serenade me after supper last night. This is a first because he has only ever attempted to sing when a movie was on in the background in which there was singing. There was no movie last night. All he is singing is la la la, and it's just plain adorable. Please pardon the Apple.

- today we had a relaxed lunch in which we all just kind of eat leftovers hanging around in the living room.  When daddy finished his last bite and wiped his mouth, Dominic looked up from his plate said "sink sink" stood up and took his father's plate to the sink throwing the napkin in the trashcan on his way. This was completely unrequested and spontaneous. 

- later this afternoon I had a massive headache and was laying down in bed with a cold cloth on my forehead, and Dominic crawled in bed with me and proceeded to hold my hand for a half an hour saying "mommy sick mommy sick". The awareness was staggering.

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