Saturday, November 21, 2015

Methlyated B Vitamins... Day 1 ish report.

Brief review - Dominic is a triple heterozygous MTHFR mutation kid (among other major genetic mutations that mean he doesn't detox on his own).  That means that his cells need methylated B vitamins to work.  A long time ago in a galaxy far away, the very first thing the DAN doctor did was put him on mB12 shots, and we did that for a few years, thoroughly needle-traumatizing him probably for the rest of his life.

We stopped.  We did oral for a while.  Then we stopped entirely.  We never saw much of anything at all. 

When we started seeing Dr Kara last spring, and truly looked at ALL his genetics, she told us that her protocol is to support all the underlying parts of the kreb cycle and get them moving well, address gut, get detox happening, give NON methylated B's just to get some b's in there, and do that for at least 6 months before introducing the methylated B's.  We wanted all moving parts well lubricated and moving before we introduced the potential game changer.  We also wanted him stable.

He's been stable and doing great.   We introduced Methylated B Complex plus yesterday morning.

Here's the note that came home from school yesterday.   Good Sign, I'd say:

He's got a standing 5pm Friday OT appointment and he's had a really hard time with it since the time changed - basically telling the therapist he was all done, needed to go home and go to bed.   He doesn't have that issue on Wednesdays, but we are a 4pm appt on Wednesdays so the dark outside thing isn't an issue.  Yesterday, he did NOT have a bad OT session, he had an amazing OT session and colored this for the fridge:

So this morning we had a lazy Saturday - I got back in bed and read a book after I did my treadmill and Dominic hung out and chilled.  He got himself dressed.  He brought me a hairbrush and asked for help getting his cowlick under control.  (Mommy, Brush Hair, help me).  BUT - here's the funny thing. I had just gotten dressed when the doorbell rang, so I was on my way upstairs to turn off the security alarm and open the door, and he already was unlocking the door when i got there.  The other interesting twist is the apple.

He loves apples.  Its a good thing he's not allergic to them.

Yesterday I showed him how to use my apple corer/slicer tool and told him where it belongs and that he could use it if he wanted to.  So he asked if he could have an apple and I said yes.  A few minutes later I hear "Mommy, Help me", and i came up to find him trying to use the tool (its hard if the apple is large or you don't center it right and his hands weren't strong enough to push it all the way through).

All could be coincidental, who knows.  I'd call them good signs, tho.  :)

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