Friday, November 20, 2015

Vision Therapy checkup appt

Dominic had his first Vision therapy check-in appointment, after our first 6 weeks.

The doctor told me that he wasn't expecting much improvement.  He was ecstatic with what has changed.

- Dominic was able to do the eye test with letters not pictures.
-Dominic was able to do the eye test one eye at a time instead of both (and he's 20/20 right now, no need for glasses)
-Dominic's convergence insufficiency when originally diagnosed was atn the 6-8" away from his face point.  It is now at the 3" away point.  We want it 1" or less.
-His left eye is stronger than his right (I knew that)
-His compliance and verbal skills were greatly improved - he did amazing with the doctor.

Dr Watt told me he was completely blown away and very very happy with how we're doing.


I also addressed Skittlegate.  They now have a spot on their intake form for permission to give food reinforcers.


We have some decisions to make about how long we will continue the vision therapy.  Right now its about time.  We are at an hour a day at home of the OT exercises to integrate his reflexes and 20 min a day of VT.   We are running out of time in the day for him to also play and be a kid.  So there's some balancing that may need to happen.

For now, we'll continue the VT through Christmas and then reevaluate.

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