Thursday, November 19, 2015

Current protocols snapshot

Just to keep track of EVERYTHING because things are going so well for Dominic right now, here is the current snapshot of protocols.  I'm trying to post this quarterly.  I did this last in early August.

1.  Footbaths using an IonCleanse by AMD machine:  We do 45 minutes on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, more if there's a food infraction or illness.  This has become clearly foundational for us and we will never be without it.

2.  Daily nutritional supplementation (diet remains gluten, dairy and soy free with no artificial anything, and we are now also avoiding the items to which he is IgG sensitive)
Freshly juiced veggies (carrot, celery, cucumber, beet, greens, apples)- 8 oz per day

Blue Ice FCLO - 2 caps 2x  a day
Trace minerals - 2 cap 2x a day
D3/K2 mix 2000 iu - 2 cap  2x a day
Liver / GI Detox  1 cap n2x a day
B complex - 2  caps 1x a day
Magnesium - 2 caps 1x a day
SAM-E  1 caps 1x a day
Restore  2 tsp 10min before food - we do at breakfast and dinner because School can't dose him at lunch.
PEAPure - 1 cap am

Liposomal Glutathione - 2 caps in the AM
Melatonin at bedtime
MAFActive Cream - pea sized amount at bedtime
Brain reward - 1 cap in the am and Variable after school (i am muscle testing for dosage each day and its been either 1 or 2 depending on the day)

3.  Occupational and Speech therapy - 2x a week (1 hour OT and 1/2 an hour Speech at each appt)

4.  Chiropractic - 1x a week

5.  Vision Therapy - 1x a week

6.  Daily reflex integration exercises from the OT (3x a day is our goal, some days we don't get there) and daily vision exercises from the VT. 

Coming Soon:

-Methylated B Vitamins - .  we start these tomorrow, actually.  I was waiting to run out of the regular B vitamins before we started these.  So, for the record, we did a solid 7 months of non methylated B vitamins while we supported the underlying pathways to get him ready for the methylated.... which is an entirely different way of going about things than the DAN/MAPS community does and I'm excited to see how he does.

- Dominic's Chiropractor is getting a test set for the Standard Process PMG's as she believes that the liver PMG might be what his liver needs to heal. Every time she's worked on him for ... well... as long as we've seen her which is coming up on 4 years, his liver has been terribly inflamed.  And we haven't found anything yet that heals it.  She went to a conference and learned more about the PMG's and we're going to see how Dominic tests for them.   There is something that goes along with it that manages histamine response and then we would presumably progress to an adrenal pmg. 
I should know more in a few weeks.


Yes, we've dropped Gemini for a bit, sort of accidentally - the credit card expired a few months ago and we never renewed the subscription.  We have discussed starting it back up and we'll see how that goes - right now its a matter of having enough time in day with everything else we are doing.

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