Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Pushing through vs. backing down

So I know several of you caught my reference in the IonCleanse month 11 post about how we chose to push through the month of stimming we got from Brain Reward instead of stopping or backing down.

Well, I want to share the other side of the coin with you.  Monday morning was Dominic's first morning dose of 2 capsules of mB12.  He was doing AWESOME on 1.  We did 2 and he was a stimmy mess.  I was getting all kinds of verbal stimming, screaming, etc.   My gut said back him down to 1.  I texted our ND and she confirmed to go back to 1. 

Why the discrepancy in how I handled it?

Well - I have 7 + years of experience with Dominic and his body and how he presents symptomatically.  I have learned the VERY hard lesson of listening to my gut as a priority in his treatment.   I have a whole toolbox at my disposal of things like binders, footbaths, mud baths, liver supports, and I know how - and when - to use them.  I learned how to muscle test this past year and its been tremendously helpful as a guide (the book Emotion Code has a basic method that is easy to learn if you are interested)

Dominics reactions to the Brain Reward were not dissimilar to his retracing behaviors last January when we started the IC.  They were hand stims, eye stims, some squealing - all happy.  Dominic's reaction to the second capsule of mB12 was more angry sounds and faces, non compliance, verbal stuff.  So they were different reactions.    My gut said this was too much B versus a detox reaction (aka herxheimer).   Also, the stim presented itself a solid 10-15 hours AFTER the dose, so none of my binders would work.  Burbur might have helped, if the issue was processing through the liver - but again, it was past the window.  We tried a footbath and no improvement so I hypothesized that it was not a detox issue. 

If you don't have a solid grip on how the body cycles work (detox and kreb and methylation), get one.  There's no excuse for not doing the work.  If you don't have a toolbox you have personally put together after consulting with your provider, reading articles and blogs, talking to vendors at conferences - or reading their webpages - then you have work to do.  What should underlay ALL of it is your personal knowledge of your child and his or her symptomatic presentation. 

And that is why sometimes we push through and sometimes we back down.

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