Sunday, January 31, 2016

Month 13 Footbath Gains and End of January summary

Wow, the changes in the last year have been amazing. this time last year we were just starting to see glimpses of the things that now we are taking for granted.   (except we don't ever take things for granted)

Dominic is talking a lot more.  We're hearing many more attempts at multiple word phrasing.  For example the other day his OT was over and he was very unhappy to be working.  So he stood at the top of our stairs, waved to her, and said "I'll be right back".  Its a new phrase.  he's singing a LOT - every single movie he watches he is now singing along to. Its hard to distinguish words, but he's definately trying.

He is back to covering his ears when he does pencil work (the sound bothers him) and I have seen him covering ears for other loud sounds lately too, which means we need to revisit the pathogens that cause sound sensitivity (they are lyme coinfections, and as we are pretty sure I have lyme - we've seen it in my blood - we're pretty positive he does too since it crosses the placenta and stays around FOREVER).  So mental note for our next Dominic ND appointment.

Speaking of taking care of myself and ND appointments, I got really tired of being swollen all the time (my hands and feet blow up like balloons randomly) and we did a food allergy panel that I got the results back a few weeks ago on.  I am ridiculously allergic to dairy.  And i've known for years it made me sneeze, but the level of allergic is enough that i've got to just stop. So i'm trying to get used to no butter, no half and half for my tea, and worst of all no cheese.   Also very allergic to MSG.  Now if we go out to eat I get to have the servers check the MSG status of all food items. Its a blast (Old Chicago uses MSG in all non-salad dishes. I was appalled.)

Now that our home based ST did an oral exam and identified a very week tongue and non existent frenulum, our center based ST is also adding in oral motor exercises.  She had Dominic trying to point his tongue up and down Friday night and he can't hold it but half a second.  He needs to work up to 10 seconds. 

I feel like we've finally peeled all the layers off and are able to actually address the actual injuries that he's got - the structural piece with poor tongue strength - he was talking in sentences preregression and I cannot help but wonder if his tongue actually atrophied with the brain damage?  No clue.  But its fascinating.

We are still working on coming to a balance with the PMG's we're using - his liver is fluxuating in how it feels.  And we've had some rough non-compliant days to go with, which only makes sense. 

We continue to use the IonCleanse by AMD footbaths 3-4x a week, and while i did switch to the 304's for much of January, we are back to the 316's and doing great.

- We know he's reading.  We are working on building the pathways for him to get it from his brain to his mouth.  Bit by bit its coming.

- He is allowing AND asking for first aid after injuring himself.  For a first aid non responder, this is awesome. He also told me when he didn't feel good that he had a sore throat.  Giant gain.

- he and Daddy built a fort together and watched a movie one afternoon.  Totally NT little boy behavior

- he has learned to vacuum and we've decided its his new  chore.  So far he's done it twice.  He will do it again tomorow.

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