Thursday, January 14, 2016

A fresh set of eyes

We are in the process of adding home based occupational and speech therapies to our routine, while keeping 1 day a week in the center based program for familiarity and consistency.  This week was our eval/intake week with our sort of new therapists. I say sort of new because the OT had worked with Dominic prior to her maternity leave from the clinic we attend, so already knows him well.  He was SO excited to see her that he gave her huge hugs and kisses as she left and nearly had her in tears.   The speech therapist is new to us for services, but we had met in a social setting a few months ago.

So today was the speech eval.   We did a lot of talking about big picture - we want conversational speech and no using PECS.  About midway through, she did a full mouth exam, which i don't think any SLP has ever done for us (actually if memory serves, several have been bitten for the attempt).

He has almost no frenulum (the flap of skin attaching the tongue to the bottom of the mouth).  His tongue's strength is inconsistent - to the point that she wants to do oral motor exercises as part of the speech therapy because the floppy tongue is the reason he is slurring the middle syllables of words AND why he's having a hard time with ending sounds of words.  Its fascinating what a fresh set of eyes will do for you.

She's going to incorporate music, and maybe music therapy since he's started trying to sing (he sang sweet home alabama for her which was adorable). 

She brought a big bag of stuff which a certain standard poodle decided was for him and wanted toys from.  It was sort of hilarious.

Anyway, its very interesting to me that 7 years into speech therapy and this is the first time i've been told he has almost no frenulum and a floppy tongue. 

She's excited to work with him, and we are excited to work with her.  He liked her and gave her a hug and kiss too before she left which was just adorable.


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