Sunday, January 17, 2016

304 vs 316

So... I have been doing an experiment the last few weeks by using the 304 plates from AMD as opposed to the 316.  The 316's are what are recommended for home use - they are cheaper and last longer than the 304's.  I decided to do the experiment because we have a lot of folks interested and making noises about the 304 pulling more out faster - they were designed for professional office use not home use, so they are designed to get more sessions in.

here's what i've learned

1.  yes, we did get more gunk out faster.  We also got detox flu and needed more electrolytes and minerals to manage.  (and this is a kid I can throw almost anything at and he doesn't get herx-y - so sensitive kids are going to react)

2.  We used up the plates faster - in only 3 weeks its looking like i need to change my plates within another few footbaths and usually i get a full 4 weeks.  This is with storing the plates in ascorbic acid solution when not in use (a trick some people find increases the number of minutes you can get per set of plates)

We got a lot more black sand (metals release) with the 304's - and for Dominic that was just a little bit in each footbath, because he isn't a metals kid (he's a viral injury kid).  If a kid was a metals kid, it would be very interesting to see what came out.  I have gotten more green undertones and frothy bubbles  in my footbath - similar to when i did an hour on the 316's after flying. 

Verdict:  We are going back to the 316's and sticking to slow and steady wins the race.   Even with using them more they last longer than the 304's and i'd rather have a steady rate of detox at a better price than pushing him into herx. 

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