Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Its been awhile since I've raved about the IonCleanse by AMD.  But its Tuesday and therefore its time to tell you fun stuff about how well Dominic is doing.  First... the cuteness of him trying to sing Sweet home Alabama along to Despicable Me while doing a footbath.  (#dontjudgethesludge)

So this last week was us getting our feet wet with our new home based OT and ST.  The Occupational therapist is one we have had in a clinic setting before  but she had a baby in the fall and has been off on maternity leave.  So she told me yesterday as we were going over the new round of reflex integration work.... "he is talking SO much".  And she's right.  Its one of those situations where the change has been pretty gradual to us since we're around him all the time all day.    But he's talking a ton more than he was when she went on maternity leave.  And his articulation is getting more and more clear.

Dominic's liver has finally stopped feeling completely congested.  Its "nice and soft and supple" with only a little smidge of congestion left per our organ manipulating chiropractor.  This is a good thing.  you'll note the grossness of the footbath  above - i shot that at about 30 minutes in and its ALL liver dump.   Interestingly his spleen is also behaving much better now that liver is.  Liver is foundational, so i'm sort of hoping it improves everything.

Behaviors - well we really haven't seen any.  There's been a lessening of verbal stimming (the screeching) as the words increase.  I haven't seen any real stimming in a while.

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