Tuesday, January 12, 2016

NIEHS - Call to Action

Call to action this morning over at TMR.  here's mine, which I have sent off.  Please send yours. 

Dear Ms Birnbaum,

I am writing to tell you the story of my son’s regression into autism after a virus when he was 3 years old, and ask that NIEHS do a program announcement in line with the recent senate report language, specifically – asking for research proposals in the area of environmental factors that contribute to autism, and autistic regressions.

Dominic is almost 11.  We had chosen to delay vaccines until he was 2 and then do 1 at a time because our niece had a life threatening – dad had to do cpr  - ambulance called and long term seizure disorder as a result of her vaccines (DTAP).  We thought we were making the right decision.  So he didn’t get his MMR until 2 ½.   We didn’t notice anything until after his 3rd birthday when he got Influenza A.  He went from speaking in sentences to not speaking at all.  He went from interacting and playing with other children to screaming in terror when he saw them.   He went from knowing all his body parts to gazing vacantly at us when we asked for what we KNEW that he knew.  He went from knowing all his colors and animals to silence.   It took us a year of chasing tails – the pediatrician had “never seen” anything like this in a 3 year old.   We had a CT Scan, MRI, Sedated ABR, started  OT and Speech.  Then he got another virus and regressed again.  We ended up in a pediatric neurologists office who wrote 3 words on a piece of paper “Autistic Regression Syndrome” – which isn’t even a real thing (or wasn’t at that point).  He told us that They (his colleagues) had been seeing this sort of late regression and didn’t know why or what to do but we might find some success with IVIG if our insurance would cover it.   And that was it.  No support groups, no guidance for services, nothing but a piece of paper with 3 words on it.

8 years later I know that the measles component of the MMR vaccine made its way into Dominic’s brain via a leaky gut (he had a diaper rash that was cracked and bleeding, with yeast infecting it and no one told me that cracked and bleeding on the outside means cracked and bleeding on the inside) when he got the MMR.  We have had viral titers run and in a test where anything over 20 is considered high and immune, his measles titers were 95.   That’s high enough to be a latent infection.   I believe that the measles took up residence in the speech cortex of his brain and when the influenza A caused a cytokine storm, the measles joined the party and ate his brain.  They also along the way damaged his liver (which I only realized a few weeks ago – we have struggled with liver issues for years and I only thought to google “does measles damage the liver” last week.  It does.  And anything the virus does, the vaccine can do too)

I made other mistakes too – I listened to the nurses who said to give Tylenol after shots.  I used roundup on our yard.  I fed him artificially colored garbage and GMO’d food.  

We are close to recovery.  Outside of speech, he interacts and seems like a neurotypical little boy.  Speech is greatly improved, but as of his last test, he has the verbal capacity of a 4 year old. 

It is past time to study the environmental triggers for autism.  And your office has the budget and congressional guidance to do it.  All genetic research has shown is that inflammatory genes are turned on. That’s epigenetics.  That means it’s environmental.   I would ask that with the increased budget allotment and guidance from congress your organization would specifically study the following:

-          Rate of autism in children who get vaccinated versus those who don’t (this has never been done, but should be relatively easy to do in a data gathering process using home schoolers and Amish who traditionally don’t vaccinate.
-          Rate of autism in children of women who were vaccinated while pregnant verses those who weren’t.
-          Rate of Autism in children given Tylenol before / after vaccines.
-          Rate of Autism in children who had more than 1 ultrasound

Then I would like you to study the following AS WELL AS what happens to the autism when these issues are treated
-          Rate of heavy metal toxicity in children with autism
-          Rate of lyme disease and its coinfections in children with autism
-          Rate of GI disease in children with autism
-          Rate of systemic candida infections in children with autism
-          Rate of pyroluria in children with autism
-          Rate of seizure disorder in children with autism
-          Rate of Mitochondrial disease in children with autism
-          Nagalase levels in children with autism

I believe that you will find, beyond a shadow of a doubt that what has been deemed a “mental health” catch all diagnosis is actually environmentally injury  playing out depending upon the childs specific genetic susceptibility.

Thank you very much for your immediate attention on this.  With autism rates rising like a rocket ship – and the cost of caring for a person with autism in the millions over their lifetime (paid for by taxpayers) the tide of disabled adults hitting the system in the next 10 years is going to cripple us.  Please help.

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