Monday, January 4, 2016


Dominic scraped his foot up badly on my treadmill on Friday.  Happily he is allowing first aid and letting us keep it clean.  Also happily, turns out MAFActive cream is REALLY good at healing skinned toes. 


I am currently charging up Dominic's new GPS bracelet.  We waited because we wanted one that was waterproof.  And we've got it.  I'm in a weird place about feeling like I need to put a GPS bracelet on him, but I want to give him a little more freedom (as a 10 year old should have) while keeping him safe.   Its a KidSportGPS, if anyone else is looking for one.


I called the regional office of the YMCA to talk to them about what procedural changes they have made to ensure that Dominic would be safe should we choose to have him at the YMCA again this summer.  Frankly - he needs the social interaction, so I'm hopeful that it will work out.  They have made the following changes
- The boys and girls locker rooms will be locked down to the public 30 minutes before swim time and only campers will be allowed in those locker rooms until 30 minutes after camp swim time
- The swimming pool will also be closed to the public during camp swim times
- Camp Staffing hours will be changed so that there is additional staffing during swim time to ensure that children are never in the locker room alone.  Basically the morning staff will stay through swim and the afternoon staff will start before swim. 
- Children will only be allowed in the bathrooms one at a time after a staff member ensuring it is empty first. 


We are a week into neurotrophin pmg and seeing lots of chattiness, even with the foot injury.   At Dominic's Chiro appointment last week, she remarked that his liver was the LEAST congested feeling she has EVER felt it, so clearly the hepatrophin is doing something good.  With the foot scrapes, i've backed off on footbaths until he scabs up, so we're not doing huge cleanses at the moment.

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