Monday, January 25, 2016

Pathetic little sickie...

Yesterday Dominic woke up with normal energy and affect, but when I fed him his breakfast, he pointed in his mouth and said Ow. 

ya'll, he told me he had a sore throat!!!!!!  Do you realize how huge this is?

Anyway, he chose to not eat his breakfast which is a giant red flag for us that he isn't feeling well because normally he will eat his bodyweight in whatever we feed him.  Shortly thereafter this is how he decided to rest....

a few hours later, he threw up.  I rubbed some ginger essential oil on his tummy and i rubbed some immupower essential oil on his big toe.  I made him an electrolyte slushy (electrolyte beverage of your choice + ice), which he drank.  Then he ate his eggs from breakfast (hooray), and some applesauce.   He kind of slumped down again before bed, but after a full nights sleep was perky and back to normal for him this morning.  So I sent him to school.

The big takeaway was him telling me what hurt.  This is completely a new feature.   Its also really nice that my voodoo (essential oils and electrolyte slushies) is working for us. :).  So far, it doesn't appear that whatever it was was contagious, but we did warn Miss Beth since she babysat Sat night. 

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