Sunday, January 24, 2016

Shenanigans with Miss Beth

Mommy and Daddy had a date last night, and Miss Beth, one of Dominic's favorite OT's came over to hang out with him for the evening.  It was her first time babysitting for us, and Dominic got so excited that "Bef" was coming over.

She texted me these pictures over the course of the night, and said that he was AWESOME and calm and totally conversational (to his ability) versus echoic which is what she sees in a therapy setting.  She was really excited to hang out with him in his natural setting.

This is BB8 - apparently he is remote controlled and they locked the dogs downstairs and played with him.  Dominic was super gentle and loved it. 

then, the selfies.  (and yes, she gave me permission to share them here)

He does love clowning around.

Apparently after she read him one bedtime story, she asked if he wanted another, and he said "No.  Goodnight"  and threw her out of his room.  I find this inordinately hysterical.

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