Saturday, April 2, 2016

IonCleanse by AMD, Month 15 Gains

This will likely be my last monthly gains post, because the IonCleanse by AMD is so integrated into our regime that we will never be stopping it, which means that we are adding / changing things on top of it.  So - while its a huge part of our gains, its not all of it because we are doing genetic specific sup's and a few other things too.

Here're the gains for March, month 15

Excellent Fine Motor work
Increased Self Awareness
Spontaneous use of sentences at school
consistently doing his 2 new chores - picking up all the puppy toys from the yard and picking up the dog poop.  he does them on alternate afternoons.  Its very cool. 
He allowed a haircut entirely with clippers for the first time in his life.
And a WHOLE bunch of little things that all add up for a GREAT month!

I'm so ridiculously pleased with how well the footbaths have made everything else work.  We are doing it - we are getting conversation now, and its a little more each day.  Our speech therapist is so happy she is beside herself. 

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