Thursday, December 31, 2015

Month 12 Gains - IonCleanse by AMD

One year ago today we did our very first footbath.

Right this minute Dominic is doing another one.  He's done well over 200 this year, tho I've long ago lost count of how many.

I haven't blogged as much this month because we've been so busy, but honestly what's stuck out the most has been the calm.  The quiet.  The lack of meltdowns.  The following directions.

Now, we are not just doing the IonCleanse - we are working a couple of other out of the box protocols... working on healing his organs and balancing his neurotransmitters, while being on a very strict anti inflammatory diet, and making sure all his methylation pathways are working well.  The ioncleanse, tho remains our foundational protocol.  That means the detoxification that it provides is the foundation upon which we are building and we plan to never yank the foundation.  I'm playing with our intensity / frequency right now to see if I can get him to a deeper level of release (and myself too, we'll see how it goes).    I know, because we've been doing them for a year, that I'm not going to throw him into a herx reaction by tweaking intensity and frequency.  I do not recommend this for newer users.

So what cool NEW stuff did Month 12 bring:
Full participation in decorating for Christmas
Spontaneous helping clean up the dog mess
Telling us about an injury and allowing first aid
Excitement for and attendance to opening presents
Learning how to make his bed and change his sheets

A family trip to see the new star wars movie (which I didn't blog about), and at which he did awesome because we had to get there a solid hour early so we could ensure we sat together.  And he did great.

and 2 weeks (and counting) off school in which he is NOT driving us bananas - he is playing quietly with his toys and amusing himself.  Its astonishing. Truly.

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