Friday, January 1, 2016

Hello, 2016

I'm not really a new years resolutioner, but I am a planner.  And this is my long range plan for 2016 with Dominic

What do we want to accomplish with and For Dominic this year and what are the steps that we are taking to get there.

1.  We want Dominic to become conversational'
- From a Biomed perspective, we're going to re-look at his viral load and see where we're at in reducing the measles levels.  We'll make sure that he doesn't have any other latent viruses that could be affecting his brain.  We will continue Neurotrophin PMG, which we started on Monday.  If it follows the same pattern as the hepatrophin PM, we will start to see results in the next week.  WE will continue supporting his neurotransmitters.   We will continue pushing hard with the IonCleanse by AMD footbaths.

- From a therapeutic perspective we're making some changes.  As I have yet to be reimbursed by insurance for any of the Vision therapy appointments (and am out of pocket about $1500),  AND because we were spending over an hour a day at home on various therapies, we have decided to stop vision therapy for now.  We have a ton of exercises we can do at our leisure at home when we are ready to pick them back up. We are also adding home based OT and ST to our regime in January (not sure on the exact date), but it will work out that he will have therapy of some variety 5 days a week.  From the OT side we are really going to push integrating the primitive reflexes required for the speech. We're going to build that foundation as strong as we can make it.  From an ST side, we're going to work very hard on back and forth conversational skills.

- From a socialization perspective, we're going to continue boy scouts and are currently weighing our options for summer programs.  High on my list for January is to chase down the YMCA and find out what they are doing to ensure that he will be safe with them for summer.  If they don't make me feel they've made appropriate changes, then we will look for something else.

2.  We want to confirm Dominic is reading.   We know that he is able to spell words, and he is able to identify sight words.  WE also know that he can scroll through the DVR and pick out his movies from a field of 75 other titles that aren't his. This is without pictures.   So we believe he is reading, but without the brain to mouth connection, we cannot confirm it.  Where with most kids, you get them to read aloud to you, thats not possible here.  So we're going to figure out another way.

3.  We want to have Dominic repeat 5th grade OR be convinced that the middle school program will be supportive and appropriate for him.  I am hoping that meeting takes place very soon after school starts back up. 

4.  I want to find a way to get Dominic back into an HBOT chamber.  If anyone has one they could lend us for a few months that would be amazing. We simply don't have the funds to buy or even rent one right now.  So I'm throwing out to the universe and seeing what comes back.

5.  I want to have Dominic's intestinal Microbiome analyzed.  We are on a list to have this done as part of a study, but its slow going and I'm not sure where we stand in line.  This would tell us if there was long term damage from the anti-biofilm and anti-pathogen protocols we've done over the years.  I have a theory that those protocols, even back to the one we tried in the DAN days where 1 weeks worth of sup's gave him horrible explosive diarrhea for 6 months, while they break down biofilm and kill pathogens, they are analogous to chemotherapy - they kill everything, and when biofilm rips off from the microbiome it leaves a hole, exposing epithelial cells to potentially toxic garbage on its way out.  While his gut doesn't seem to be an issue since we started using Restore last June, I just want to know.   We do our best with what we know, and when we know better, we do better.


As far as myself, I'm working on getting healthier.  I finally gave in and did an IgG blood test which should be coming back any day now so that I can change my diet and get my self deflamed.  I might even actually consider some genetic based supplementation after I talk to my naturopath.   I'm REALLY puffy.  I've also done due diligence and had my primary care doc check my kidney levels, etc (I'm assuming they're fine as I did that blood work 2 weeks ago and i haven't heard otherwise.  We'll discuss at my physical in Feb).  I am pushing myself really hard with my IonCleanse by AMD footbaths and they are showing lots of inflammation coming out, which is good but somewhat discouraging - I'd hoped i'd be past the inflammation by now.  My alternative doc wants me working on strengthening my core, so I have picked up the latest T-Tapp floor core routine and will be adding that in 3x a week starting, oh, tomorrow (gasp) on top of wearing my fitbit and shooting for 10K
 steps a day.

I have a girls weekend with 2 of my TMR sisters planned for the first weekend in Feb, and I'm planning to be healthy for it. :)

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