Saturday, December 26, 2015


Its been a crazy busy few days around here - I spent all day Thursday cooking and then all day yesterday we had a houseful of guests.  So I forgot to post the really cool thing that happened on Thursday.

I sent Dominic outside to play because he was squirmy and it was somewhat warmish out (in Colorado That is relative).  He played outside for a few hours, came inside eventually and we went on about our day.   When I was getting him ready for his shower, I saw a pretty noticable abrasion on his upper thigh that was starting to bruise.  So I asked him what happened.  He looked at me and said "Rocks"

What?  He actually told me what happened?  We have a first.  I called Daddy down to show him the abrasions and he again told Daddy that it was the Rocks.  So he clearly fell on the rocks at some point while playing and then went on with playing.  (as opposed to coming inside crying hysterically).  Maturity, anyone?


After his shower, he actually allowed me to put some arnica cream on it.  This child is a first aid refuser - and he let me put cream on it.  HUGE.

His footbath yesterday after everyone left was gross.  Solid black. (liver release).  This liver pmg stuff is making a noticeable difference in whats coming out of him as well as in his general demeanor. I haven't seen any non compliance in days and his mood has been very even.

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