Thursday, December 24, 2015

Houston! We have BO!

So last night as Daddy gave Dominic a hug before going to work, he got a whiff.  So he suggested i see if I get the same.

I did.

Body Odor.

Dominic is 10.  This is a smidge early for puberty and there's NO other signs of imminent puberty.

So I texted all of our treatment team members and consensus is - The Liver PMG is WORKING to to take the load off his liver and detox it out.  Body odor is a sign of the liver releasing toxins (ever been to the gym on  New Years day and smelled the booze coming out of peoples pores?  same concept).

this is riduculously exciting to me because we've tried EVERY liver support product on the market going back to DAN days, so easily 7 years.  This is the first one that we are seeing distinct and definite changes from.  And this is on top of pulling toxins out with regularity now for a solid year using the IonCleanse.

Dominic was absolutely offended that he had armpit funk.  Hilariously, he stuck his nose under his shirt and made horrible faces, while saying "EW - DISGUSTING"

Monday we start Neurotrophin PMG.  If we're getting this kind of response 2 weeks into the liver one, I am so excited about what we'll see with the brain one.

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