Sunday, November 1, 2015

IonCleanse by AMD - Month 10

I should preface this by saying we are not ONLY doing the IonCleanse, we are supplementing Dominic based upon his genetic needs and with a few other things that i'll tell you all about after i'm  a little more comfortable with them.  Just know that we are continuing to tweak supplement protocols, but are NOT changing our cleansing.  The detoxification we get from the footbaths is the foundation upon which Dominic's healing is building.

That said - Month 10 has been FANTASTIC.

Dominic received his bobcat badge at cub scouts.
He did AMAZING at the school field day
He participated in a school fundraiser by making art.
He stopped taking baths and started taking showers out of the blue. 
His emotions are maturing - we are now seeing pride.  Which is awesome.
He now has the fine motor control and strength to use the key to unlock the door.  We have had to set the security system now to chime when the doors open and close.
He was SO excited about a boy scout trip to the fire station that I got an honest to god conversation out of him in which you can literally SEE his brain working to find the words.
And he LOVED the trip to the fire station.
Then  he absolutely rocked a halloween party.

If ever there was a doubt in my mind that the IonCleanse by AMD is pulling toxins out, Skittlegate erased them.   It took a little over a week for us to stop the reaction.  Artificial colors are BAD.

Dominic is absolutely blossoming socially, and maturing.  Verbals are coming - we are starting to see more words strung together and more attempts at words in a situation that is not centered around needs. 

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