Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

We went to a halloween party at a friends house, with a gaggle of children.

Let me say that again.


A normal party with a ton of people Dominic didn't know.  With food he had to ask before eating.  And strange toys. In a new environment. 

Not only did Dominic do amazing behaviorally  (even with losing one of his little fidget toys somewhere in the backyard, we had ZERO anxiety/meltdown), we got comments from a solid 5 people telling us they see a HUGE difference in his verbals in the last few months.

The funniest part of the ENTIRE experience was the scavenger hunt.  There was a plethora of small children running around finding clues while Dominic happily hogged the playground.  Note that he is wearing a witches hat (i know, he wore a costume.  HUGE). 

One of the scavenger hunt clues told the kids that the next clue was under the black witches hat.

About half of the children lined up in front of Dominic swinging and insisted he remove his hat.  The other half of the children found the proper hat.

All the adults laughed until we nearly cried.

There appears to be a small witch in your tree


He LOVED being on top of the monkey bars

As the biggest kid there, he also got to weaken the pinata for the littles to break the rest of the way open.

he had so much fun

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