Friday, October 2, 2015

Field day!!!

Yesterday was Dominic's last field day as an elementary school student (I KNOW).  So 5th graders parents are invited over to watch and be supportive.  We snuck over for an hour over my lunch break.   

First.... He was doing really well following social cues.   I was very impressed.  He stayed with his group -= we got there for the 50 yard dash, which he got a first place ribbon in, long jump, relay race, and tug of war.  We left before the sack race which probably would've been HILARIOUS, but I ran out of lunch hour.

Here are pics and videos.  He's in the red shirt and jeans.

We had a quick conversation with our SPED coordinator and she mentioned that in the last month his verbals have gone through the roof (with the removal of screen time / videos).  We had to call an early IEP because several of his goals are computer based... and he's supposed to get zero computer time for the duration of vision therapy.   IEP will be end of October.   I love my school / sped department - they have not given us even an iota of grief for these changes and totally scheduled the iep within the legally required timeframe (1 month).    We are lucky.  I am nervous about the transition to middle school.  New staff / new school,.  I will have to get them trained up.

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