Saturday, October 3, 2015

documenting for posterity....

One of our EVERY day things is that I make fresh vegetable juice out of (organic all) carrots, celery, beets, cucumber, kale and apple.   This is for all of us.   We've been doing it about a year now.  Beets are VERY RED.

yesterday morning, I had an early conference call for work, so Dominic was finishing his juice and breakfast in the other room with Daddy.  After he went to school I wandered into the kitchen for more caffeine and it looked like a crime scene.   Red on the ceiling, walls, floor.  Most of it was in distinct splatter looking spots, but the normally white cubbard doors right under my sink were a fairly uniform pink.

Upon further searching, we discovered a VERY pink (when it should've been cream colored) dish towel.  Which explained the pink cubbard doors.

Kiddo made a huge mess.

Do ya'll get that?????  How big that is????

After school, I was in the office finishing up work and Dominic came in to show me a hole in his jeans.  I told him to take them off and i would fix it later.  (intending to put them in the goodwill bin because they're pretty worn out.)

He went to the guestroom, opened the closet, got in my sewing basket for a random purple fabric with skeletons on it, took his pants off, and brought me both.  Then he emphatically said "FIX IT".
I got my scissors, thread, etc, and took the purple fabric and he said "CUT IT".  I put a purple patch on his jeans, he put them back on, and everyone is happy.

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