Sunday, October 4, 2015

Vision Therapy, Homework, day 1

Documenting so we have something to come back and look at.  This is our first effort at doing the vision therapy exercises at home and I've documented them via video so we can come back to it later and compare.

First up is the Marsden ball. He's supposed to keep his head still and follow it with each eye, one at a time (hence the pirate look).  His eyes are totally not moving at all.   Its a starting point.


Then he has to read letters off a block of letters in a certain order, with one eye patched, while crossing midline with the open eye.  He is better at this. I think he just doesn't understand the ball.

So. We are supposed to work up to 15 minutes a day of vision activities like this.  I think we got 3-4 minutes on our first shot.  I'll time it on the next go around.

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