Monday, October 5, 2015

Speech therapy update

So I had asked our speech therapist to give me age equivalencies last year vs this year with the testing she does.

And lets all remember that we've been pushing Dominic so hard to move along his speech, both receptive and expressive, which both require an integrated rooting reflex.... when his rooting reflex is disintegrated.  So we've been trying to get walls to stand up when there was no foundation.

So - here we go

Type of test              This year           last year
expressive                 4years               3 years 6 months
receptive                    6years 3mo      5 years 6 months
articulation                he missed 13     he missed 16 (both of these score as less than 5 years old, nothing more specific)

Then we did the Social Pragmatic  test which has a range of scoring.  Last year he got a 69 and in order to be age equivalent, he needed a 132.  This year, he got a 99 and needed 136.  So huge improvement.

I also expressed to our lead speech therapist my displeasure that the new ST has started with yes/no pecs.  I feel like not only is that a step backwards, its undoing things that we are doing.    It will either be handled or i'll pull him off the new girls schedule and we'll focus on the rooting and moro reflexes and build that foundation so that the speech therapy will actually get us somewhere.

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