Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tweaking protocol... one little thing at a time

So the last few nights, Dominic's footbaths have been jet black, with zero foam or bubbles.  This means a couple of things.

1. a huge liver release (finally!!!)
2.  we've finally got our anti inflammatories and anti fungals to the right level (HOORAY!!!!!)

I texted a picture of the footbaths over to our Naturopath and asked her about increasing liver support.  We had a consult today and decided to both increase the dosage of liver support supplementation by 50% AND add castor oil packs to his liver 3 days on / 1 day off.   The castor oil should do double duty as bringing his body into "rest and restore" versus "flight or fight".

Which segues nicely into the biggest concern I've had. Dominic's adrenals are tapped out.  They have been for years and none of the plethora of adrenal supps we have used over the years have helped.  Specifically, his corstisol levels have historically been flat (last test was back in the DAN days), he ALWAYS hits for tapped adrenals at our chiropractors office, and we've got this funky dilated eyes at the end of the day after a hot bath.   One of my TMR friends watched the videos i put up the other day showing our vision therapy exercises and gave me the feedback that he looks completely in "flight or fight" mode.

So, using the logic that I learned from Charlie over at MitoSynergy - my brain is doing this.  If the body is not making enough ATP (cellular energy at the mitochondrial level), then the body has to use the adrenals to function.  I asked Dr Kara to take a look at Dominic's genetic mutations with an eye for mitochondrial disorder. He does have at least 2 of the classic mito mutations, SOD and  NADH and he's got some of the lower tone stuff (an awkward gait when running, difficulty with fine motor), and none of the plethora of adrenal sup's we've tried have done anything.   So, all together those logically point to a possible mitochondrial disorder.  We're going to start Dominic on a mitochondrial support supplement as our next official thing.  Unfortunately MitoSynergy products make Dominic go bananas.  Dr Kara will research and pick the best mito supplement for Dominic given his allergies (her preferred brand has cornstarch in it and he's allergic to corn)

After 4ish weeks on the mito supp, we will add the methylated B vitamins.   The idea here is to get all the pathways functioning (which is why we've got Sam-E and Glutathione onboard) before we add the methylated B vitamins so that his body can actually have its best possible shot at maximizing them.

This means I need to do a couple of more things related to mitochondrial disease
1. probably get him formally diagnosed with it - as that will forever exempt him medically from vaccines AND mean that we get special treatment should he need surgical anesthesia. (nitrous oxide is a huge no-no for mito kids)
2.  Research the crap out of mito. Its not my forte at all, but my gut says we need to go this direction.
3.  Get an Autism Is Medical USB bracelet/key chain and get all his records condensed there.

Mito is controversial.  Not going to lie, I don't like going down this path.  Lots of doctors don't believe in it, because its an emerging field and they weren't trained in it.  Makes it hard to navigate and makes medical kidnapping peer over the horizon.  

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