Thursday, October 1, 2015

And he is a bobcat!

Tonight's cub scout meeting was held at the park up the street....  The plan was to do a hike and then an awards ceremony.  We knew Dominic would be getting his Bobcat Badge, so we were there will bells on.   As the park has a playground... of course he wanted to go play for awhile first.... 

Then the hike got underway.  This is Dominic with his friend Sidney.  Actually a number of the boys are his friends.  It makes my heart happy when they tell me that he's happy at school.   He is definately well known with his peers, and that makes me happy.  They've been with him since Kindegarten and they get him.    The hike started with a bang - lots of little boys running....

And Dominic pretty rapidly decided the place he wanted to be was at the very front.  Here he is where he spent most of the hike - holding scoutmaster Tim's hand at the lead of the pack.  So grateful its an autism Dad who is our scout master.  By this point I'd fallen behind because a little kiddo fell and scratched his arm and because I had my GIANT purse, I had bandaids.  Have to laugh.

At one point the front of the pack lost the back of the pack and had to sit down while Scoutmaster Tim went to locate them.  That was mildly amusing.

Once located, we all headed back to the pavilion and did the awards ceremony.  

In true Dominic fashion, he was offended at something being pinned to his shirt, so we had to take it off basically immediately, but he's officially a bobcat. Which is so cool.

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