Thursday, February 11, 2016


For occupational therapy yesterday, Miss Ashley had Dominic bake his own birthday cupcakes.  I didn't manage to get video or pictures of the BEST part, which was his utter excitement to break eggs into the bowl.  He did it with Verve and I'm shocked he managed to get the egg in the bowl not all over the counter/floor

He also thought it was BEYOND hysterical to turn the mixer on high and get covered in powder (cake mix... powdered sugar... cocoa powder..   all of it cracked him up)

He actually did pretty well loading the cupcakes.. didn't make much of a mess at all.

Dish washing was NOT a favorite activity at all. 

As per our tradition, we had him open his presents this morning  in our bed. 

Hopefully he has a fantastic day at school.  In the meantime, I'll be in the corner wondering how i went from adorable baby to almost teenager in a blink.

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Unknown said...

Happy birthday, Dominic! Nobody likes dishes. I think "The Jetsons" promised us better, right?