Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Introducing Kumar

We have a new family member, who came to us somewhat spontaneously.  The breeder we got Kama from a little over a year ago needed to quickly find homes for some puppies due to personal stuff.  And therefore we got a deep discount on a new standard poodle, who is currently 9 weeks old.  We’ve named him Kumar (continuing with our Hindi theme, Kumar means little boy).   He is a little lover – currently asleep in my lap as I type away.   He also spent his first night – all night – in his crate.  He cried until I turned off the lights, but once the lights were off, he went to sleep pretty quickly.   He’s mastered the doggie door, going up the steps and we’re working on potty training. he is a very chill dog.

Dominic knew we were getting a puppy, but was at school when we drove out to Peyton and picked Kumar up.  He barreled in the door yesterday after  school loudly saying “NEW PUPPY”.  He is officially in love and very gentle with Kumar. 

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