Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Mom's weekend away and a plan

This past weekend I got out of town with a couple of girlfriends for a girls weekend.  It was fantastic.  My TMR mama friends Poppy and Rainmaker and I spent 2 nights in the mountains relaxing.     The weekend started with me picking Poppy up from the airport Thursday and bringing her home with me.  Dominic did AWESOME – the coolest part of her at my house was Friday morning.  Dominic was eating breakfast and she was walking by and clear as a bell he called her name to show her something on the ipad.   She was blown away as was I. 

While I was gone, I had a couple of ACTUAL phone conversations with Dominic that were several exchanges back and forth without any prompting on Daddy’s part.  And he and Daddy had a boys weekend, got haircuts, and hung out.

While we were up there and focused, Rainmaker and I brainstormed directions to take Dominic’s healing (she is actually one of our treatment team members)  and we made a new plan.    We are going to (finally) go after the virus(es) that caused his initial and subsequent regressions.   We feel like we’ve cleared enough of the garbage out to finally heal that injury.  So that’s the focus of 2016 – get the latent virus out.

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