Monday, April 25, 2016

Palmer park hike, 24 April

On Saturday, when I told Dominic that we were going on a walk, he got very excited and said "climb rocks". When he says climb rocks what he means is hike in Palmer Park which is a lovely open space hiking area a whole four blocks away from our house. So in order to appease him yesterday I took he and two of our three dogs hiking. I can't handle all three at once just yet. We left the baby at home he cried the whole time.  Here are pictures of our hike.

Posing on his farvorite rock

Stopping to smell the flowers....

Selfie with Pikes Peak in the background

I see houses!!

Grumpy Rock

Attempted to get them to all look the same direction... failed...

Its a Cave, Mommy.  Where are the bears?

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