Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Tales from homebased OT - pass the wine please

(just kidding, i'm on a diet.  wine has carbs)

So you all know I've pounded the "routine shall set you free" mantra for years and we live and die by routine.  Here are the things that were out of routine for Dominic today:

- Early wake up (4am) after which he may not have gotten back to sleep.
- Middle School transition meeting after school that he sat through
- very little time after getting home before Miss Ashley arrived.

Here's how OT went.

I had texted Ashley earlier to ask if she'd like for him to fold the laundry that i had ready to fold and she said yes.  So that was the plan.  She arrived and normally OT is done upstairs with dogs locked downstairs.  Strike one was trying to get him downstairs to the laundry room to fold the laundry.  He folded one shirt with verbal instructions,threw it all back in the basket, shoved the basket in the laundry room and refused to do anymore.

Then he kicked the dog (Kama) in the head for no reason, so I sent him to his room for 5 minutes of cool off time after which he refused to come out.  he got under the covers and told me night night.  I had him come out and apologize to the dog, and then he went into the laundry room and got on Daddy's spin bike (self regulating at least, but also and avoidance mechanism).

We got him off the bike and upstairs to do a puzzle which he refused to do.  He asked for the trampoline.  So we went outside and had him jump.  While he was jumping, Kumar (the 5 month old puppy) ate dog poop.  Which freaked Dominic out, and he insisted on coming inside and giving Kumar a bath.

After he gave the dog the bath we got him started finally on his puzzle.  He was not interested.  He did maybe 1/8th of it with lots of verbal cuing while loudly insisting the whole time through that it was time for Ashley to leave ("Ashley bye", "Ashley go home")

He is currently eating dinner.   And seriously, this is one of the days i just want to put him to bed early and take a bubble bath.  However, I still have laundry to fold and lunches to make.

PS.  The transitional meeting went fine, we were discussing how to most gently transition him to middle school and what his electives will be (PE and Choir to start with and depending on how choir goes, we might switch to art).   He will be in the SPED classroom about half the day, and will be with his peers for electives, science and social studies.  He'll get math, reading, and writing in SPED.   I shared with them this graphic as the long term, create a functional adult, set of goals that we are going to work towards for the next 9 years.   They loved it. 

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