Thursday, May 12, 2016

Puppy's first hike

Dominic has developed a real love for hiking with me and the dogs.  he LOVES to be the first one going up the trail.  He'd prefer to run if i was being honest, but that is just not something i do, so we walk.   A few more weeks of the trails at Palmer park (literally 3 blocks from our house) and I'm going to attempt to do a much longer one with him.  Hopefully I can round up another adult to come with us just in case.... but the trail I have in mind is pretty heavily traveled.

Anywho.  Kumar, our new puppy has anxiety.  He throws up in the car within a block, and it took me some serious focusing on it to even get him willing to walk on a leash.  I think because of the anxiety he is going to be our best leash walker.  He wants to stay very near me and is not interested in running ahead/pulling like Kama.

so we decided we would take Kumar and Kama hiking last Saturday.   We did 5 miles in 2 hours.   And Kumar didn't throw up (tho he did pee out of anxiety when petted by a stranger and drool a river when we got into the car to head up to the trailhead)

Here are pictures from  Kumar's first hike.

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