Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Tales from home based OT - WHAT JUST HAPPENED?????

Today's OT session started out rough.  Real rough.  We had planned on having Dominic gather the trash and take it out because thats one of his ADL goals (activity of daily living).  He was triggered by a missing lego piece for one of his toys and proceeded to preserverate on that to the point that we had tears when we asked him to get the trash.

After trash, we gave him the option of playing sight word bingo (he put it away immediately), coloring (he put it away), riding the bike (by which we meant Daddy's exercise bike) or jumping on the trampoline.  After much grinding and gnashing of teeth, we got him on the trampoline.  He jumped for a little while then asked for the bike.  Because we are trying to get him to the point that he can self regulate we want him to pick the activity that will soothe him.  He went back to the trampoline.  Ashley asked if we have a foam roller (of course we do, we have most every type of exercise gear in this house), and together we gave him deep pressure on his back - totally calmed him down.

Then he asked for the bike again.  And instead of heading to the laundry room, where it lives, he went upstairs.  We followed him.  What happened next defies explanation and requires a history lesson.

A long time ago, almost pre-regression, we bought Dominic a tiny little cars bike, with training wheels.  He never learned to ride it, the regression stopped that.  But he sat on it and watched cars over and over and over again.  He outgrew it and we gave it away.

In the garage are 2 adult sized bikes.  One for Daddy and one we planned for Dominic when he was big enough.

Yeah. He's big enough now.  And he wants it.

Ashley and I got it down from the rafters.  Of course both tires were completely flat so Dominic and Daddy pumped them up:

Then This happened.  I am SO happy I had my phone in my pocket to catch it on video.  This is Dominic's first EVER bike ride.   Daddy will be stopping at the store for training wheels on the way home tonight. 

And some still's of the end....


Anonymous said...

I am so happy for all of you! Keep up the great love and passion.

Anonymous said...

That's so wonderful. Bike rideing is such a milestone. Just to let you know what helped us is we took the pedals off my sons bike and used it initially as a balance bike. Once he could balance like he was riding a sit down scooter, on went the pedals and he was riding it within minutes.