Friday, May 6, 2016

Tales from Home based Therapy / Speech 5 May 2016

Conveniently, our current occupational and speech therapists are sisters, so they compare notes and try to be consistent with Dominic.  That's about to change as our OT's husband is getting transferred (army family), and she's moving.  BUT - everyone remember Jonny from last summer?  He's coming back and will be working for the same company.  So it may be a few weeks of no OT while paperwork gets sorted, but by Mid-June I expect to be fully rolling with Jonny appointments.


Yesterday, Dominic had THE BEST speech therapy appointment he has had since he started with Miss Sarah in January.  Hands down the best.

He met her at the door, used great eye contact, said "Hi Sarah", sat and worked the whole time.  Both she and our OT are using a metronome in the background to help him regulate his brain speed.   She told me he identified 13 of his 27 sight words, so he's holding tight at about 50%.  We are both convinced he is reading, but the connection between the reading center of his brain and his mouth is the one we are working to rebuild.

Here are two snippets of the work they are doing.

The first is working on Rhyming.  This is a developmental step apparently, and they work on it every session. 

The second video is about verb tense and they have been working on it also for a few weeks.  The kicker here is how focused he is with this task.

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