Monday, June 13, 2016

Circus, year 4

Dominic has been talking about going to the circus to see the tigers for weeks.  He was so excited Saturday morning that he found last years (very stretched out) clown nose and we played with it before we went.

As usual, we wandered around the animals before we went to get in line.  This is from us watching the camels.  Ringling Brothers has stopped touring their elephants, but they still brought camels, horses, tigers, and poodles along.   Dominic was sad there were no elephants.

Silliness before we got in line.

Silliness IN line.

Just clowning around.  We got a picture with the same female clown last year.   Dominic quite likes her hair bow.

He LOVED having popcorn.  ADORED it.

OF all the acts, my favorites are the danger ones - the dude who does the rings of doom (i have no idea their real name), the tight rope walkers and the trapeze.  Dominic seemed to like the animal acts and the lady who got shot out of a cannon.

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