Sunday, June 12, 2016

Seriously he just aged 5 years.

Yesterday Daddy and Dominic went to get haircuts. 

Over his life, Haircuts have ranged from horrible experiences where we had to hold him down to make sure he (and the stylist) didn't get cut to refusing the electric clippers because the vibration was awful, to screams, to insensitive jerks (thats the PG version) who insulted us.  They've been getting better and better. I told ya'll the first month we did the IonCleanse by AMD that he was finally able to sit for a haircut (no electric clippers tho), so we thought that was HUGE. 

In March, I told you guys he finally had a whole haircut with clippers.  

Today, He had a whole haircut with clippers where he didn't need Daddy to hold him still.  He sat compliantly and calmly The Entire Time she used the clippers.

I am ECSTATIC!!! OVER THE MOON!!!  This is amazing to me. 

Here're Daddy and Dominic pre Haircut

And here they are Post-Haircut.

And seriously, the haircut aged him ridiculously. 

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