Friday, June 3, 2016

It's Happening.

I'm still reflecting back on my weekend at Autism one, and there's one phrase that we kept saying to each other.  Generally through tears - it was one of the most emotionally cathartic weekends of my life:

It's Happening!!!!!

By it, we mean the exposure of the fraud at the CDC, the realization by many parents that vaccines are not what they think they are, the truth that in some children, yes, vaccines do cause regressive, isolated autism.

The documentary VaxXed is taking the world by storm.  It is being translated into multiple other languages right now.  Ty Bollinger (the guy who did the Truth about Cancer series) was there filming The Truth about Vaccines.  A French film crew was there filming.  Everyone is now paying attention!!!!  Its changing!!! I am a part of a social movement that is going to change the world and experiencing it is absolutely mind blowing and humbling at the same time.

We have reached the tipping point we've been trying to get to and now the media is starting to take us seriously.

Everything is snowballing rapidly.  VaxXed is selling out across the country - please go see it.  If money is an issue, I will buy your ticket, just contact me via the blog comments.  I want the WORLD to know what happened.  That I am Not Crazy. I watched Dominic regress after a toxic insult to his system.

I also want you all to question anything that a doctor wants to inject into your body - get the package insert, read the label and don't do it if its full of aluminum,  formaldehyde and aborted fetal cells.  Don't do it.  Doesn't matter if its a flu or pneumonia shot your grandmothers doc wants her to get or the vitamin K injection at birth. Its toxic. End of story.  We were designed for our immune systems to WORK, and injecting something past the immune system is incredibly dangerous.

Del Bigtree, producer from the Doctors and now producer of VaxXed is an amazing human being.  When someone who is not personally affected by vaccine injury joins our charge, and takes the torch to lead it - its an incredible thing.  He's not burnt out and exhausted from the day to day grind of living with autism.  He's got energy.

This is the Moment Where he apologized to us.  I am personally in the row of sobbing TMR's, in full on ugly-cry because THEY KNEW.  They didn't listen to us, they called us crazy, but THEY KNEW that vaccines cause autism.  We finally have validation and support.  We have known for years, but now we know that THEY know and we know that this story will not go away.  They cannot bury a movement and they cannot shut us up.

Del promised us that if the CDC re-releases the data from the fraudulent study and tries to write off the racial connection as socio-economic that He. Will. Bury. Them.  And I believe him.   (I totally chased him down in the hotel lobby for this photo)

Everywhere I go, I see affected children. I see toe walkers, I see rheumy red cheeks, I see 4 year olds in diapers not speaking, I see parents doing the wrist hold while crossing streets, I see unfocused eyes, and flapping, and stimming.  I see the classic hand curl that our kids have from the damage to their nervous system.   Therefore everywhere I go, I share our story.

I have a couple of action Items from the conference, and I'm inviting all of you to take part.

First - TELL your story.  Video it. I'll be doing this within the week. Then share it.  The VaxXed team will be amending their webpage for our stories soon. Put it there, put it on facebook - SHARE IT.  We will not be silenced, and there is so much power in sharing our stories.

Second - Email William Thompson and thank him for coming forward with the data.  After the screening of Vaxxed at  Autism One, an audience member asked if it was true that CDC whistleblower William Thompson is going to recant on any of his statements about CDC fraud. Brian Hooker, the scientist to whom Thompson confessed, answered that Thompson is collaborating on a paper he's planning to publish. He stated that Thompson will supposedly say that the data showing a higher risk of autism for African American boy babies is, on reanalysis, not a result of vaccination, but an artifact of socioeconomic conditions.  Hooker went on to say that he believes Thompson is being "handled" and that this is yet another instance of the CDC massaging data to get a result they want. He then called upon the audience to email William Thompson and thank him for his outing the CDC, but implore him not to publish this paper, which will only put children in harm's way. He gave out Thompson's address, which is in the public domain, as  Del Bigtree then emphasized that Thompson did not renege on the CDC fraud, including the falsification and destruction of data and its subsequent cover-up, nor his statement that the CDC and HHS are not qualified to make vaccine policy.

Third - contact your congressperson.  Request they subpoena William Thompson as soon as possible.  Ask that they read the data that Congressman Posey has.

Finally -  when you see those kids who are melting down, those moms who are on their last nerve, the child who is toe walking, with red cheeks and lining toys up - you TELL THEM them about The Thinking Moms Revolution, tell them about Generation Rescue and tell them about TACA.  That we can help. That its not normal and they need intervention. Don't bite your tongue, that mama may not know there are resources for her, she may actually have believed the pediatrician who made her think her child is just developing slower or she didn't read to him enough. 

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