Thursday, June 2, 2016

Zoo pics!!

We went to the Zoo for Memorial day - fun times all around.

I want to find out who exactly permitted this child to grow.  I did NOT bend my knees for this picture.  6 more inches and he will pass me up.

New feature at the zoo - a herd of baby dairy goats on loan from a farmer who breeds them.  They were on their second day on exhibition and the cutest things ever.  Dominic loved petting them.

And this is the first time he's actually held the snake.  Normally he touches it and freaks out.  This time we held it no problem

I really enjoy that our Zoo has an interactive loft.  Dominic got asked by the Zoo Intern to help her spray down the frogs.  That was fun. 

we had all the normal stops too - Giraffes, Lions, Elephants, Rhino, Bears, monkey, Hippo's and Gorilla's.  We generally just follow Dominic around and let him go where he wants.

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