Friday, July 15, 2016

Crazy week + new protocol

Camp called me Wednesday and told me Dominic was laying down and crying, asking them to "call mommy".  I asked them if he had a fever, no.  I asked if he ate all his lunch, yes.  I told them I could come get him but it sounded like he was fine.  They called back a few minutes later and asked me to come get him.  I did. 

He came home, laid on the sofa for about half an hour and then had the best Speech therapy session he's had in ages. I had texted our therapist and told her he'd come home sick and it was up to her if we tried therapy.  We tried.  it went great. 

He never had a fever, never lost his appetite... he just wanted to come home, so he played the counselors like a violin and played hookey. 

I'm going to call that downright amazing. :)

(camp has now been told that unless he's got a fever, is bleeding, or is vomiting, he's fine)

Recently (the last few weeks), Dominic's been really enjoying hot sauce.  On everything from meat to corn muffins to Salad.  The last few days I've caught him chugging from the bottle.  Its really cool to watch him develop true preferences.

We are so very very close to the recovery finish line that I can taste it.  As such, we are starting (today actually) a homeopathic protocol that is kind of different, and that has brought speech to many much less verbal kids than Dominic in the community.  Its a 10 week protocol (6 on remedies, then 4 for them to settle in).  As she was trained in Eastern style homeopathy, her perspective is very different.  Its fascinating, and I'm hopeful that it will help Dominic, who has to work so hard for every little gain we get.  And if it doesn't do anything, its okay, because its not a "break the bank protocol".

We are backing off of much of the things we've been doing (my wallet is silently doing cartwheels) for the 10 week duration and potentially longer depending on how things go.

Stay tuned for updates!

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