Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Tales from home Based Therapy - July 11 and 12

We love home based therapy so much at this point.

We all know that Dominic is routine oriented and if he get SUPER used to a routine (like we always do legos for OT or we always do ST on the floor of the living room) then when you try to change it up he freaks.  So, I have asked both therapists to mix up activities and locations they do therapy for generalization purposes.

Its going pretty well.  On Monday, Jonny and Dominic played catch in the living room while balancing.  At one point, Dominic was balancing on one foot on the upside down bosu while playing catch.  He found this whole exercise the funniest thing ever.

Then Tuesday, we had Sarah here for Speech.  I didn't catch it on video, but this is what happened and to me its a HUGE cognitive gain:

Scenario:  Dominic and Sarah sitting at the dining room table doing work.  The ipad is Dominic's reinforcer and he had just finished his first reinforcer break (they take one after every 3 activities) and Sarah was getting him reengaged for the next activity.

Dominic:  points and clearly says "Look at That"
Sarah Looks
Dominic sneaks the ipad back on while she's looking.

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Anonymous said...

So happy for you guys. Your blog gives me lots of hope for my guy as our boys are the same age. I could only see part of the video, but it sure looked like Dominic was having fun. What an awesome laugh! Go Dominic!