Saturday, July 23, 2016

Hermetic homeopathy diary, week 1 15-22 July

I like to journal the little things I see during a new protocol so that i can remember them later when I come back to look.

Day 1:  Constitutional Remedy
- Dominic and i have had a routine at camp in the afternoon  When I pick him up, I ask him how his day was and he says "swimming fun".  That's been the routine ALL summer.  Today, I got there, he came running up to me and said "swimming fun!!" without me asking.  a peer of his told me he had an AWESOME day.  This morning, about 2 hours after his first dose, he gave me a hug and said "i love you" spontaneously for the first time outside our very entrenched bedtime routine.   He muscle tested NO for an ioncleanse footbath which is odd, but we'll go with it.

day 2 Constitutional Remedy
- took him to see finding dory and he cried at the sad parts.  emoting entirely normally.  Then he played in the fountain

Day 3, constitutional remedy - this child is more ravenous than ever

Day 4 - prep day 1
See reading post.

Platinum days 1-3:  Very emotional overall. Lots of tears for no apparent reason. ALSO =- best speech therapy sessions he's had in ages.  Random Funny, on Friday his OT Jonny was over and I offered him dinner.  Dominic literally pushed Jonny out of the way and made him a plate of tacos.  We were agog.

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