Saturday, July 30, 2016

Hermetic Homeopathy, Week 2 diary, 23-29 July

 Week 2 - I didn't do a very good job of jotting things down as they happened, but there are some things that stuck out about the week.

Platinum days 4-7
Day 4 - This was a sheet changing day and Dominic did something brand new.  he came into the linen closet and emphatically asked for Angry Birds (a set of his sheets).  I got them for him and then he helped make his own bed.  He probably did 50% of it.

Nickel, days 1-3
The 27th - This was field trip day at the Y and they went to the space museum.  On the way there, the schoolbus they were riding in got in a fender bender when a car hit it.  It had a flat tire.  Dominic hung tight with minimal anxiety while they waiting 45 minutes for a replacement bus and then went on to have an excellent time at the museum.

He had a good amount of anxiety every day of the week around me picking him up from camp.  Very emotional in general.

One day this week, a counselor recounted to Rod this story... It was lunch time, and Dominic got his lunch box and sat down to eat, but the rest of the kids were horsing around.  He wouldn't eat until his peers sat with him and he got flat out upset to the point of tears that they didn't sit down right when it was time for lunch. 

He had really good therapy sessions all week.  On the 28th, he was doing speech therapy and hadn't had time to have a meal right before (we have discovered he does MUCH better therapeutically when he is full rather than empty), and he was very hungry.  midway through, he looked up and REALLY fast said "isdinnerreadyyet".  then he said it again. Our ST and I were both amazing.  A whole sentence, albeit run together... spontaneously.

We've been working on his OT exercises to integrate the specific primitive reflexes which impact speech.  Mr Jonny told me last night that Dominic's speed at progressing with the exercises is astonishing.  That he is used to seeing the kind of proficiency we have achieved with the ones we're working on in a matter of months not a week ish. 

He's falling asleep without help (melatonin, etc).   For the first time in almost 8 years.  Mind boggling.

This morning, Daddy had to go teach a yoga class.  First time EVER that we can remember - Dominic said spontaneously "Daddy, Class?".  Instead of daddy, bye. 

I think that the combination of brain balance primitive reflex reintegration and hermetic homeopathy is incredibly synergistic and we are seeing really positive things.  I know that the big HH gains come during the gold period, which we start next week. It lasts a month.   Its really weird to be giving almost no supplementation, and he's still muscle testing no for footbaths.   If this protocol gets us conversational speech AND reduces our dependency on a plethora of supplements i won't know how to behave.

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Two Happy Children said...

wow he is really doing so amazing!! Thank you for sharing all that is going on with him!! He truly is beautiful!!