Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Tales from home based Therapy - rocking out speech Aug 2

I got all three of these videos today during Dominic's speech therapy session.  he is doing SO well, its awesome.

I caught the very beginning of the session - where he picks what he's going to do for the day. Miss Sarah has a visual chart for both the schedule and for sad faces if he doesn't comply.  (10 sad faces, which he's NEVER gotten, mean he doesn't get his reward at the end).

The rest of this first video is some of his rhyming work:

The second video is working on sight words. He got REALLY bored with flash cards, so now she is using a simple book to help him learn his sight words.  He's really making astonishing progress.  Look at the FOCUS

And the final is him putting together sentences with an iPad app - the program reads him a sentence and he has to then unscramble the words and put them in order.

Normally we get 6 different things in a 45 minute speech session.  So this is about half of the things he would do on a normal session.

Whats awesome to me is that he's sitting, entirely willingly at the table, he's focused, he fully engaged. Its fantastic.  He is making wonderful progress.

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