Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Renaissance festival 2016

We made our traditional trek to the Renaissance festival on Saturday and I'm just now getting to uploading pictures.

It was the perfect day - cool and rainy.   This is Dominic's friend the crane.

Rain bedraggled family pic...

This is huge.  Every year we've gone since Dominic regressed he LOVED riding the animals.  Specifically the Elephant and the camel.  So we pay to ride.  By the time we got to the camel, I only had enough cash left for one person to ride.  It was a tremendous debate, because there is no seatbelt and i've always been afraid he'd not pay attention to holding on - so I always ride with him.

We decided to try.

And he ROCKED riding the camel by himself.  Best $5 i've spent in ages.

then came the petting zoo, where he fed every animal he could.   They are quite tame.

We were sitting in the shade (rain had stopped) and I snapped this.  I love it. FANTASTIC picture. 

More playing with the camera.  I think he looks absolutely mischevious here.

And, as always, a dip in the wishing well pond on the way out.

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