Friday, September 2, 2016

Hermetic homeopathy, round 1, in the books

I got overwhelmed and neglected to do my weekly updates on how hermetic homeopathy was going the last few weeks, and yesterday was the last day of round 1.

In general, I can say this

1.  We had minimal aggravations, and they were primarily during the first half of the protocol and were verbal stimming.  There was no aggression, no meltdowns, no GI disturbances.

2. I think it was excellent to do the HH protocol which resets the energy bodies to redevelop at the same time that we introduced brain balance exercises which reset the physical body connections.   They were very synergistic.  Our OT said that Dominic achieved progress with the Brain Balance stuff faster than he's ever seen a child do so and my suspicion is that is because he was also adjusting the energetic piece.  Energy comes before Form. 

3.  I am so pleased that Dominic did NOT show any backsliding as a result of significantly reducing his supplements and removing ioncleanse footbaths for the duration of the protocol.  I was actually nervous he'd see big backslides.   he did get a pimple (i know, puberty is fast approaching) the last week, so first thing today we did a footbath to help his body get the toxins out.  It was BLACK so there was massive liver congestion that built up.  The interesting part is that it built up without causing a recurrence of self injurious behavior or visual stimming.

4.  Both his OT and his ST have told me that this last month, he's done the best work they've ever seen from him.   The compliance and focus I've seen him giving them is blowing me away.

5. The transition to middle school has been smooth as silk.  There is no school today for a teacher work day and this morning Dominic got up and said to me "Friday, School?" (thats another thing, he's becoming cognizant of the days of the week), and I said "no, its a day off", to which he said "Monday, school?", to which I said "Nope, Tuesday school".  So his conceptualizations are skyrocketing.

Here are some of the comments his teacher has emailed me the last week.  Remember, she is new to him, and this is only the end of the second full week of school
Somehow I got the impression that writing is so challenging for Dominic, it isn’t so much a part of his curriculum, but he did pretty well today, even with a pen on paper. Pen works better than pencil, because he can make marks using lighter pressure. Dominic completed several worksheets requiring CVC single word responses. He needed help, but was able to do the writing by himself. 
Dominic has done really well, especially, communicating his wants and needs – he is clearer and clearer about this. Of course the things he wants are the scooter and the computer – no surprise there. So we make him do some work/learning first and it becomes a motivation.

Yesterday, he continued to work on single-digit addition and subtraction, as well as ccvc and cvc words. I had him do some writing on a magna board – he REALLY likes that – and he was able to spell many one-syllable words, as well as a Disney title (sorry, I don’t remember precisely which one!)

So whats next for us?

There are 2 more rounds of Hermetic Homeopathy that we will do, but we need to wait at least a month if not longer between each round to allow the homeopathy to continue working.  so we may start round 2 over Christmas break, we might do it earlier.  I'm not sure.

In the mean time, we will detox him with the Ioncleanse on a *much* less aggressive schedule than we used before, we will remain on Restore, ChelateMate, and hepatrophin PMG, and we will continue our 2x a month chiropractic work.   I am hesitant to add back in biomed supplements right now, I kind of want to see what holding the course with minimal supports does.

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