Thursday, September 8, 2016

Flares of Cognition

I'm not even going to call them glimmers.  They're flares.  We are holding steady on minimal sup's and occasional (well, we did 1 last weekend at the end of the HH protocol....) footbaths.  We are in the 4 week time period of assimilation and continued healing from the hermetic homeopathy protocol.  We are doing Nothing new in any forum.

Here're the interesting things we've seen this week that indicate to me that Dominic's cognitively shifting in a pretty intense way.

The Dog Crate

This requires backstory.  Kama, our nearly 2 year old standard poodle, has tummy issues every so often (okay every 3-4 weeks).  The vet can't find an issue, and suggested a food change so all the dogs are grain free now.  Kama is still having tummy issues - specifically, he has diarrhea at night in his crate which is in Dominic's room. 

this morning, I got up at 5:45, expecting to change clothes and get on the treadmill.  Dominic heard me get up, came into the bathroom and told me "Kama Poop".   Well, Kama was in the crate, and the poop was actually in the corner of Dominic's room.  Dominic heard Kama need to go out in the night, got up, let him out of his crate, but didn't let him out of his room.  Then he put him back in his crate and went back to bed. WHAT???

Then, as I was on my knees scrubbing carpet and walls at 5:50am with Daddy scrubbing the dog in the shower, Dominic proceeded to carry the crate outside and ask me to clean it. WHAT???

We made a decision that Kama isn't going to sleep in Dominic's room anymore, his crate will live in the Laundry room, but Kama will not be crated at night, in an attempt to avoid the whole hands and knees scrubbing poop routine.  So I put Kama's crate and laundered bedding in the laundry room.  Tonight, we told Dominic to go get ready to take a shower. One of his routine steps is that he crates the dogs at this time.  We heard the basement door alarm chime (all our doors chime for safety reasons) and looked at each other in confusion.  Then we hear "Mommy, crate".  Dominic had gone outside looking for Kama's crate so he could get it set back up.  I said "Its in the Laundry room and thats where Kama will sleep tonight" and without issue he put the dog in the crate in the laundry room. WHAT?????

Dumbo Mouse

This also requires a back story.  Dominic's speech therapist, Miss Sarah, uses youtube time on her ipad for a break during therapy and a reward at the end.   As she was closing down her ipad tonight, she did a double take and showed me what was there.

The Words Dumbo Mouse were typed in the search bar.  She didn't type them in, Dominic did.  WHAT????  IF he can type that, he's reading, we just need to finish completing the connection between his speech center and his mouth. Its coming. 

Dominic Loves olives.  Alot.  We took our Roommate Tim to the grocery store the other evening and I brought him along. It was an out of routine trip and he was really unhappy about it.  While we were there he wanted olives, so I got some.  Not like they'll go to waste.  The next evening, we used them as a reinforcer during Occupational therapy.  Not unusual.  What was unusual was him dumping the liquid out and putting the half emptied jar in the pantry.  I moved it to the fridge later.  The next day he went to the pantry and couldn't find them.  I was blown away he remembered where he  put them.  Thats a new feature.  

hose clean up
He spontaneously drug the garden hose to the deck the other day without being asked.  It was a double take moment.  We watched him do it from inside.  Bizarre.


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