Sunday, September 11, 2016

Swimming, Fun!

We have not had access to a pool as a family, so while Dominic swam 4 days a week at the Y the last few years at camp we haven't had the opportunity to watch him do it.

Yesterday, we were invited to an end of summer party at the country club where Rod works. It was an employee and family appreciation party.  It was 62 and Dominic didn't care one bit.  He was in the water pretty much immediately.

He is swimming, very ungracefully, but swimming nonetheless.  I showed him how to float on an innertube and he thought that was the most awesome thing ever.  I tried to catch on video his trick of entering the float feet first from the bottom, but never pulled it off.  This will have to do. 

We changed the routine up significantly last night - new pajamas (he blew the knee out if his oldones) AND i switched the head of his bed to the other side.  NO ISSUES from him with these changes.  Thats huge.  As we were doing bedtime, he looked at me and said "Swimming, FUN". 

This morning, he got up, looked at me and said "swimming, fun".

So - we might need a family pool membership next summer.  We'll see.  Sunshine and I don't get along so well.

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