Thursday, September 15, 2016

Lend a paw

Dominic's Speech therapist, Sarah, has this awesome visual schedule that she has Dominic fill out with her at the beginning of each session.  At the bottom is the reward.  He writes that part.  Today, he wrote the below.  All three adults in the room Could NOT figure out what he was asking for.

When the time for his first reward break came, Sarah handed him her ipad.  He proceeded to go to youtube and search "Lend a Paw". 

Turns out its a specific Mickey Mouse short film thats one of the "features" on a dvd he watches every so often.

and he knew the name of it.  We didn't.  And he wrote it for us and we still had no idea what he was asking for.  But he knew.

Lots going on in this kiddo's head....

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