Sunday, September 18, 2016

Chuck e cheeses

Well we did it. We took Dominic to Chuck E cheese. We would not of done is had there not been a birthday party for a certain small child that we know, and much to my surprise Dominic was in heaven.

When we arrived we said hello to the birthday boy, sitting above with Dominic. He's two. Then, we turned Dominic loose and let him play. He thought that was fabulous.

We actually allowed to Dominic to eat Chuck E. Cheese's pizza. It's incredibly weird to me to let him do that and have him not have a reaction . I still dosed him with a big handful of activated charcoal afterwards but we had zero apparent reaction to the actual gluten and dairy exposure.

He had such a good time that he was still talking about it this morning. We might have to consider Chuck e Cheese for his birthday.
(pardon the Devil Dog eyes)

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